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Lord of the Rings Read-Along, Part 2

Part 1 thoughts.

Discussion post found at Jenni Elyse's blog.


1. Even if you’ve read the books before (or you’ve seen the movies), were you surprised by who Elrond picked for the fellowship?
Nah, I was kind of into the vibe that those who were sent or came to Rivendell at that time were "meant" to go on the quest.  Like they had a calling or something.  I guess I never questioned that kind of thing.

2. How do you feel about Gandalf’s fate in Moria?
I probably cried a bunch the first time I read it, but it's pretty awesome to have him reborn (or whatever it was) into a more powerful wizard and show up and surprise everyone. :)

3. What do you think you would see in Galadriel’s mirror?
Huh, probably stuff I wouldn't want to know like when and how I'd die or something.

4. If you could have any of the gifts the elves from Lothlórien gave to the fellowship, which one would you choose and why?
I do love Sam's gift (it's more than just dirt :), though I think I'll take the vial she gives Frodo.  It comes in pretty handy for him and I'm sure I could find a use for it.

5. Do you think Boromir had any logic in his thinking about using the ring to fight Sauron?
Yes.  I think that he was thinking about saving his kingdom and continuing to protect everyone beyond his land.  But he was also having a classic reaction to the ring - desire it for good purposes and that will eventually lead to corruption ("the very desire of it corrupts the heart" - one of my favorite quotes from the book.) Both Gandalf and Galadriel mention they would take it to do good, but it would eventually lead to becoming a corrupt tyrant of sorts.

6. Do you think Frodo was rash for leaving the fellowship behind?
Yes and no.  I can see his way of thinking, since the ring was already making members of the company a bit crazy, he was smart to try and escape from them.  The other hobbits he was trying to protect and I can see that too.  Still, it was really kind of stupid since he has no clue how to get to Mordor and very little ability to protect himself.

7. Do you have a hard time following the action? Do the movies, if you’ve seen them, make it easier to envision the events taking place?
I don't have a hard time following the action at all.  I love all the descriptions and the excitement (when it happens).  I do also think that the movie helped me see the places a bit better.  I love having those gorgeous movie sets to imagine.  Can't wait for Rohan!

8. Who is your favorite and least favorite character in The Fellowship of the Ring?
Favorite is always going to be Aragorn.  He's just so fabulous! I do love Galadriel too, though she is kind of creepy cool.  And Sam, though I think he's the best in the next two books. And Gandalf (ok, ok that's only four favorites).  Least favorite is harder.  Boromir was kind of a jerk, and Legolas comes off that way as well (though, the movies made me love him more). 

9. What is your favorite and least favorite scene in The Fellowship of the Ring?
I do love the party at the beginning, but I'm really having a hard time picking a favorite.  I also really love both Rivendell and Lothlorien.  Too hard to pick.  I always found the barrow-wight scene to be the most creepy of all - even more disturbing than the black riders.

10. These books seem to be very male-centric. Does this bother you? Do you wish there were more important female characters? How do you think the book would’ve changed if one of the main characters were female?
I do sometimes get mad when I think how few female characters there are.  I used to be annoyed at the role they put on Arwen in the movies, but it makes sense to make a more visible female character.  I feel like there are important female characters, but they don't get nearly the page time as the males.  Still, Eowyn is coming and she is the best of all, I think. 

My baby decided to join in the read-along too:
On to the next book! What are your thoughts?


  1. I am glad that the movies let me know Gandalf comes back. I was very sad when I saw the first movie and he died.

    Your answers make a lot of sense. It really is fun seeing how everything interprets/thinks about these stories.

    Glad you baby is getting involved too! :D

  2. Great insights! I loved your answer to #5.

    That is an awesome picture! Get her into it young! Ya!

    1. Right? She's getting indoctrinated quite young :)

  3. I'm not reading along, but I have to comment on your sweet baby! ;) Precious!

  4. Replies
    1. She loves reading (slash eating books, whatever).


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