Friday, May 16, 2014

Lord of the Rings Read-Along, Part 1

Check out the first discussion post at Kami's Library Thoughts.  Here are my answers to the questions (from Book 1, the first half of The Fellowship of the Ring).  

1. Is this your first time reading or a re-read? What do you think so far?

It's a reread for me, though it's probably been 10 years since my last time through. I'm enjoying remembering all the details I forgot after sort of replacing them with the movie. 

2. Jenni hates the songs, I love them. How do you feel about them?

Some I love and some are annoying. I like having a tune to some of them, which I can thank the movies for taking quite a few and putting them to music. The silly ones are somewhat annoying and can simply be skipped. 

3. The Hobbits live a simple and peaceful life. Tolkien considered himself a hobbit. How about you? Do you relate to the hobbits, or would you be another race?

Oh I love the hobbit habits! I'd love to live in the country and do quiet living. I think it sounds like the best way to exist, especially the part about just being so protected from the evils outside. I think I would enjoy that. It always breaks my heart when Frodo (or Sam?) talks about enduring anything so long as the shire is safe. Course, I also wouldn't mind being a gorgeous and graceful and powerful elf. Like Galadriel maybe :)

4. What are some differences between the movie and book that you like?

I do think the director was smart to cut lots of the details from the books.  Also the pacing would definitely have dragged in the movie. I forgot how long it took just for Frodo to leave, let alone make it to Rivendell!

5. What are some differences you hate?

Mostly the differences I hate are in later books. I think changing characters motivations and actions was the saddest (Faramir). I did miss the barrows too - that was such a creepy scene and would have been really great cinematically. Oh well :)

6. Why do you think the ring didn't work on Tom Bombadil?

I think it's because, as he said, he is Eldest. Meaning he's been around long enough to have predated the ring and Sauron.  Thus, his power is older I guess.  I also think that just like there people that weren't as drawn to taking the ring and seizing its power, if you perhaps don't feel drawn to its power at all, it would have no power over you. Just my thoughts :). 

7. How do you feel about Frodo selling Bag End, especially to the Sackville-Bagginses?

I had forgotten that, but I think he had to for the exit Frodo was trying to make. It does make you a bit sad, but I think it turns out well in the end :)

8. What do you think about Tolkien's writing style? 

It's definitely old-fashioned. He tends to the long winded and rambling descriptions of places and scenery.  I like that most of the time. It helps that I know what's going to happen so that I don't feel rushed for the story. Plus, who writes all those crazy songs in their books now? :)

9. Do you picture the actors from the movie in your head, or do you picture your own characters?

I wasn't much of a character picture-er kind of person, but I very much see the movie actors now. I'm always a little thrown though when I remember Frodo was a fat middle-aged hobbit and not young thin Elijah Wood :) 

10. Jenni wanted me to ask about Tom Bombadil. She hates him, I enjoy him. How do you feel about him?

I love Tom! I remember he was one of my favorites from before and I was mad he didn't make the movie (though it was better without him). He is so strange and unique and just one of those quirky characters that only Tolkien could have created. Plus he is this weird juxtaposition of silly and powerful. Just a very intriguing character to me. 

What are your thoughts?


  1. Yay! I'm so glad you're participating! :) I guess I need to rethink my thoughts about Tom, lol. I do like things about him, but it's just those blasted songs! :)

    1. Yeah, his songs are the most annoying ones :)

  2. Great answers! Another Tom fan!! Woo!! Jenni is outnumbered!

    I LOVED your thoughts on why the ring doesn't work on Tom! Great insights!

    Faramir! Yes! Grrr on the movies for that!

    Hobbit habits is my new favorite saying now.

    1. I cry a little bit whenever I think of the butchery they did with Faramir in the movies. Tom fans unite!


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