Saturday, February 4, 2012

In Which I Talk About TV *gasp*

I know that lots of other book bloggers talk TV, but I watch very little compared to many, so I usually have nothing to talk about.  However, I got sucked into a new series recently and joined (er, invited myself to join) a group watch with Suey and Kailana for the newest Sherlock Holmes BBC series.  I checked the first season (or series as they call it in Britain) out from the library and watched all three episodes nearly back to back.  And what a crazy show it is!  Be sure to check out Suey's and Kailana's recaps, since they had lots more to say.  Here are some excellent questions the others' threw out to get my brain juices flowing:

-- Favorite thing about this show?
Watson.  I love how complicated he is and also, how I feel just like him - totally lost about what Sherlock is doing.  He makes the show more human.

-- Least favorite thing about the show?
Sherlock :) No really, he's a big old jerk and while I'm totally fascinated by him, he annoys me every time!  And he does some very weird things.  He's almost too quirky.  Almost.

-- Are you most into the stories? Or the characters? Or the actors?
I think the stories are the most fascinating, though I got lost a few times on some episodes, especially the second one.  What brings me back to it is the characters.  Mostly Watson.

-- Have you ever read the original novels?
With the exception of The Hound of the Baskervilles, no.  I read Hound so long ago I don't remember a thing from it, either! 

--If you haven’t, does watching the spin-off shows and movies make you want to read the books? 
Actually, yes!  I'm interested to see what jerky things Sherlock did in a previous era, and what things they stayed true to (and could stay true to in this modern reinterpretation).

--Which was your favourite episode of the 3?
I'd have to say the last one, The Great Game, was the most exciting, though the first one, A Study in Pink, was pretty fun too.  The middle one, The Blind Banker, didn't do anything for me.

--Did you like how the show is set in the present day?
I loved this aspect!  Maybe it's because I'm on a retelling kick (see Classic Double Challenge), but I love to see modern versions especially.  I like the update this one got.

--What do you think of how while Sherlock is thinking, words appear on the screen instead of the watcher being left in the dark
This made me feel like I was a part of things and I think it requires more cleverness on the part of producers, since they have to find more subtle ways to surprise us. 

--What do want to see in the second season?
More Watson.  Sherlock making a mistake (and not just socially).  Great stories.

Have you seen this new version?  What do you think?

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  1. I really enjoyed watching these too! They are so clever and interesting. I can't wait to see the new episodes. I'm getting burnt out on Downton Abbey (are you watching Downton Abbey?) because they're getting a bit too soap-opera-y for me.

    I completely agree with all your comments about this. Love Watson and the way modern technology is used.

    1. I have been enjoying Downton, though this season is rather like a soap opera! Hope it gets a bit better :)

  2. I LOVE this series and can't wait for more. Sherlock's confidence is intoxicating and Watson's the perfect counterpoint to him. CAN NOT WAIT!!! :O)

    1. Oh Sherlock! He definitely needs Watson around to save him from himself :)

  3. Ah... Sherlock making a mistake! That would be so awesome!Yes. I vote for that too. :)

    1. I don't know that he will, but it would be nice to know he is human!

  4. Oh, my gosh! Yay for Sherlock. (Seriously: we discovered this last year -- in May? -- and I've been recommending it right and left. CAN'T wait for series 2 to hit the U.S.). I can see your points about Sherlock, but Benedict Cumberbatch (who has the *funnest* name to say) does such a fabulous job with him. And I agree, totally, about Watson. Brilliant.

    My husband is a die-hard Sherlock Holmes fan (read the books, loves the Jeremey Brett series in all its awesomeness) and this series totally lives up to his (very high) expectations. Me, I just love a good story, well told, and this is definitely it. I do hope the second series is as good.

    Okay. Enough gushing.

    1. I completely agree that Benedict Cumberbatch nailed Sherlock! (And oh, his name!) He does it so well. I'm actually glad to hear that a huge Sherlock fan is ok with the series, it makes it more legit to me for some reason :)

  5. I LOVE Sherlock! Murder mysteries usually creep me out because they have to come up with more and more disturbing crimes. But Sherlock focuses more on solving the crime and coming up with puzzles that make you think. I loved the Blind Banker episode solely because Sherlock gets schooled by that girl when she points out the code has a few of the words written on it LOL :) Thanks for this post! I love the characters, too. And it totally makes me want to read the books :)

    1. I'm usually pretty squeamish about murder mysteries too, so I love the puzzles. I had forgotten when the girl pointed those out to Sherlock! Excellent.

  6. Nice review!

    As he himself agrees, this version of Sherlock is a high-functioning sociopath. Freeman is perfect though as Watson.

    If you are interested in a Gentlemanly Holmes (in tune with the canon), I would highly recommend the Russian adaptation with Vasily Livanov and Vitaly Solomin as Holmes and Watson respectively.


    1. Thanks for the suggestion! I just might have to seek that one out.


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