Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Classic Double Challenge: January

The Classic Double Challenge has officially started! Though it is the first month and I don't expect many of us (including myself) to get the reading done for the challenge right away, I'm including a linky for any reviews or other discussions you have about the books you're reading that you may want to link to. Also, feel free to comment if you don't have a blog or goodreads account or other forum for discussing your book pairs. At the end of the month, I'll choose a winner from those participating in the challenge and send them some kind of bookish prize yet to be determined (bookmarks, swag, a book or two, etc). If you do happen to link up or discuss in the comments, I'll give you an extra entry for the monthly prize. I'm so excited to have so many participants (you can check out their posts/comments on the Classic Double Challenge sign-up page). Also, check out the (growing) list of possibilities for the Classic Double Challenge.  And if you haven't signed up and want to, you are welcome to join in any time this year!

Discussion question: What classic book do you wish there was a contemporary retelling (or more retellings) for and why?

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  1. I wish there were more re-tellings of Dickens books. Dickens writes amazing characters and I think they would translate well into re-rellings. Anything by Dickens - Oliver Twist, Tale of Two Cities, Great Expectations! Maybe there are re-tellings of these and I just don't know about them...

  2. I wish there were more re-tellings for The Wizard of Oz. I think it has such great potential for more books. Of course, I've never read the original. :P I'm basing that purely on the movie.

    I checked out the Peter Pan books from my library yesterday, so hopefully, I'll have them read in time for this month! :)

  3. Jessica, the only Dickens-related one I've seen was called Master Pip, and it wasn't a retelling. I completely agree with you - they are such great stories and so difficult for teens to get into with the language, they'd be perfect! Perhaps for your next book? :)

  4. Bluerose, I've never read the Oz books either, but there sure is a lot of potential! I've only heard of Wicked and other books by Gregory Maguire that retell stuff. Yeah for Peter Pan retellings!

  5. Not sure if you consider the Little House books classics, but I sure do, and I would love to see more like them. There are a few books out there with that feel, but not enought.

  6. Sara, ooh a retelling or just a book that talks about a love for little house would be awesome! I totally consider them classics :-)

  7. Fun discussion question! I'd love to see a retelling of The Scarlet Pimpernel. I'm not sure how the setting could be fit into modern times, but I could totally see it working in a futuristic dystopian. Some dashing hero smuggling people out of a revolution-torn country, yes, I would love to read a retelling of that.

  8. Small, what a fantastic idea! I adore Scarlet Pimpernel and think it would adapt well into dystopian (rather like I think Scarlet Letter did, though I haven't read that book). Genius! (Any plans to write a book? :)


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