Friday, June 17, 2011

I'm Springin' into Summer!

Update #3
Well, I have been terribly distracted and entirely unable to spend much time reading since I last updated.  However, I have been enjoying the next book I've been reading and I'm not too far off my goal of reading at least 3 books and hopefully 4.  I'm part way through Kat, Incorrigible and it is so delightful!  Hopefully I'll get a few more hours in tonight, but there is no real guarantee, since I'm terrible at going without sleep for long.  But, here's my updated info for tonight:

Books Read Since Last Update: less than 1 (Kat, Incorrigible)
Pages Read Since Last Update: 106

Time Read Since Last Update: 1 hr 40 min
Total Books Read: 2.5 (Leaving the Bellweathers and The Trouble with Half a Moon)
Total Pages Read: 526
Total Time Read: 6 hrs 20 min

What is the favorite thing you have read today? Loved Leaving the Bellweathers
Which mini-challenge was your favorite? I have a soft spot for the book puzzles :)
What has been your favorite thing about the read-a-thon? Um, the reading.
What has been your LEAST favorite thing about the read-a-thon? The fact that I keep getting distracted and haven't visited any other participants!
Are you on track to meet your goals? Yes!
Will you be participating tomorrow? Yes.  

Do you have any new goals? I'm really hoping to get 4 books read.

Update #2
I've managed to finish Leaving the Bellweathers, which was such a fun, delightful read!  I'm happy to hear there is a sequel as well.  Good, quirky fun.  I also read The Trouble with Half a Moon (when I wasn't watching TV or taking other illicit breaks) which had me crying a lot.  Hopefully more steady reading is in my future!

And, since the mini-challenge this time around is one that I do biweekly, I thought I should definitely participate!  Here's one that I used for my last Name That Book game (where I regularly do book puzzles).

Books Read Since Last Update: 1.5
Pages Read Since Last Update: 292

Time Read Since Last Update: 3 hrs 10 min
Total Books Read: 2 (Leaving the Bellweathers and The Trouble with Half a Moon)
Total Pages Read: 420
Total Time Read: 4 hrs 40 min

Update #1
Well, I've made it about halfway through Leaving the Bellweathers and I really like it. It's funny and quirky and pretty fast reading too! Good starting choice, I think. While I'm updating, I'm figuring I may as well do the mini-challenge as well. The question is what is my favorite and least favorite book-to-movie adaptation.

The Princess Bride (20th Anniversary Edition)Favorite: Well, one of my favorites is The Princess Bride. That movie is so perfect I can't imagine it any other way. It is filled with awesome quotable parts and I'm just love its spoofy goodness. I read the book a few years back and I liked it a lot as well, but the movie is as close to perfect as possible.  Lord of the Rings is another of my faves, despite some squibbles I had about Faramir's character.  Beautifully done, though.

Least Favorite: Actually this list could be quite long, but I'm going to go with The Dark is Rising. That movie just bombed so horrifically I couldn't even stand to watch it. Such a fantastic classic book and they had to completely mess it up. Painful. 

And here are my updated stats:

Books Read Since Last Update: .5 (Leaving the Bellweathers)
Pages Read Since Last Update: 128

Time Read Since Last Update: 1.5 hrs
Total Books Read: .5
Total Pages Read: 128
Total Time Read: 1.5 hrs

...with the Squeaky Books read-a-thon!  Actually, it's pretty much summer here in AZ, but it was summer last month too.  Anywho, I'm here and I'm ready to read.  I think I'm going to start out with something short and light - Leaving the Bellweathers by Kristin Clark Venuti.  I'm planning to update this same post throughout the day today, with any mini-challenges and stuff.  Then do another post and update it tomorrow.  Stay tuned and good luck if you're reading!

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  1. I live in AZ as well so the 103 degrees yesterday tells everyone else that summer has been here for about 2 months. Good luck on your reading. I'll be posting my start line in a few minutes. :)

  2. I'm going to have to put Leaving the Bellweathers on my to-buy list! We're always looking for good middle readers here! Good luck with the readathon and stay cool!

  3. OK ... I'm totally clueless on the book puzzle! But keep reading and having fun!

  4. Alexa, this is true. I'm pretty sure it's been summer here for a WHILE.

    Gaby, thank you!

    Julie, it is a fantastic read. The book puzzle is Entwined by Heather Dixon. Kind of fun, no?


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