Thursday, July 9, 2009

Book Review: The Brothers by Chris Stewart

The Brothers: A Novelis the prologue to a series following the pre-earth lives of three brothers and their sister. Sam, Ammon, Luke, and Elizabeth are caught up in the conflict in heaven between Lucifer, the fallen Son of the Morning, and Jehovah. Who they choose to follow at this time will affect their future - for eternity.

I haven't been interested in a lot of LDS (Mormon) fiction, but at the insistent recommendation of my husband, I picked up the first in this series The Great and Terrible. I think it is appropriate to call this first book the prologue, because it didn't appear to have much of a plot. Most of it seemed to be deep or thoughtful statements about the destiny and importance and choices the individuals were making during their premortal lives. I had a hard time getting invested in the characters, especially Elizabeth who seemed a little to sweet and lovable. However, I think I will pick up the next book, which my husband assures me has more of a story and is much more exciting.

other LDS fiction series: The Work and the Gloryand Kingdom and the Crownby Gerald Lund

s-factor: none

mrg-factor: none

v-factor: none

Overall rating: ***


  1. Hmm. Did you ever pick up the rest of this series? Do you still plan to? I had a family member recommend them to me, but...eh. I shy away from Mormon fiction because it is (sadly) usually poorly written and rife with Mormon cliches.

  2. Aelysium, I still haven't picked up any of the sequels. I have the same fears you do about Mormon fiction. But, I have also heard the first one isn't the best of the series, so I'd better at least pick up the next one...someday!

  3. I am an elementary school librarian and rarely read "grown-up" books, but at the insistence of my sister-in-law I listened to The Great and Terrible series on CD as I traveled. I was done after the first book, but was told I had to keep going. I did and was hooked by the next book. I would get to my destination and just sit in the car listening because I had to know what came next. I recommend you give the other books a try.

  4. librarymike, I am definitely intrigued now. And have no excuse, since we own the second book! Thanks for the rec.


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