Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Two Librarians' Book Reviews: Introducing Karissa!

Guys! I'm so super thrilled that I get to introduce a new reviewer to my blog!  Karissa Neely contacted me a little while ago and wanted to share some of the fabulous books she's been reading.  I am excited to have another viewpoint on the blog and more posts to share (you know how terribly I've been updating lately).  Plus, Karissa is a librarian too and you know how much I love librarians. :) Here's a little info about Karissa and stay tuned, because I've got her reviews of the Gallagher Girls series coming up.  I'll make sure it's clear which reviews are Karissa's, so she gets all the credit for her work. Please give Karissa a big welcome! (Also, just wanted to point out how cool it is that our names rhyme - Karissa and Melissa? It was meant to be, haha.)

About Karissa Neely
Karissa is an avid reader, usually averaging about 3 books a week. She reads mostly junior fiction, because she loves a good story and good writing, but without all the cussing and sex. She will read YA and some adult fiction, mostly just to keep up on what’s good – but she’s very picky. Karissa has worked as a junior high English teacher, a news correspondent for a major newspaper, and a public relations writer for a major university. She recently was a library clerk, where her favorite part of the job was helping patrons, young or old, get excited about reading. She is currently working at the Daily Herald as a business and community reporter.  Find more about her at http://karissaneely.wordpress.com/ or Twitter: @DHKarissaNeely

Please welcome Karissa to the blog!

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