Friday, December 12, 2014

One Librarian's Holiday Bookish Gift Guide

So I started this post earlier and had looked up a bunch of lovely items.  And then my post didn't get saved (BLAH!).  All this boils down to: short and sweet.  Here's last year's Holiday Gift Guide, I've included some of the same items, because they are still awesome.

A beautiful version of a childhood favorite. Bonus points for nostalgia-inducing choices! Like this gorgeous The Secret Garden illustrated by Inga Moore (see more of the lovely illustrations here)


Or The Annotated Charlotte's Web for a true E.B. White fan:

I'm partial to the globes, but you can't go wrong with dragons.  Right?

Bookish t-shirts:
I saw a teen wearing a shirt that said "Perfect men only exist in books."  I love it!  Plus, with t-shirts, you can either make it yourself with a favorite quote (it's super easy to iron on) or purchase one.  I like these ones:
from Zazzle.com
from OutofPrintClothing.com

Signed Books:
Lots of indie bookstores have stock on hand of books signed by the author.  Changing Hands, my local, has some. A few others you can peruse online Parnassus Books in Nashville or The Strand in NYC, and even Barnes and Noble. Or you can track down your own local indie bookstore and buy a signed edition in person.  Then you get the added bonus of personalized help!  Find your local independent book store.

Tote Bag:
Everyone wants to haul around their books in style.  I love the Anne of Green Gables tote from Litographs - it's got the full text of the book printed on it!  Also, the Little Women tote from Out of Print Clothing is just darn cute.
Book + Movie:
There are loads of options for this kind of gift and it satisfies movie-lovers as well.  You can try The Fault in Our Stars (movie and book) or Divergent (movie and book) for modern hits or go classic with Pride and Prejudice (there are several movies and book versions) or North and South (movie and book).  You can buy movie tickets for those still in the theater like The Hobbit or The Maze Runner.  Or if they prefer plays, you can buy tickets to a play the accompanying book, like Wicked, Les Miserables, or The Wizard of Oz.  There are lots of combinations to choose from and either way, I'm quite sure your bookish friend or family member will love it! 

What gifts are you dying to receive this year?

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  1. I saw a teenage girl wearing that same perfect boys shirt. So perfect! I might have to get one for my almost 13yo. Love the "Book was better" one as well.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    1. I know! I told her I adored the shirt. I need a new bookish shirt I think.

  2. Ooh, those dragon bookends are great!

    1. I loved them too! Too bad my shelves are so packed with books I really have no need for bookends :)


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