Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Classic Double Challenge: June

Another month has flown by! Hopefully your enthusiasm for the Classic Double Challenge hasn't :) June is the month of the baby (I hope). My progress on the challenge, however, is once again pretty slow.  I did manage to finish Scarlet by Marissa Meyer, but I haven't read any Little Red Riding Hood stories yet.  I really ought to do that right away, as they are all pretty short and easy.  I also read one very short version of Bluebeard that skimmed over the horror of the story.  I'm thinking I'll try another version of that soon too.  I'm also still slogging through The Turn of the Screw, which is much less accessible than the retelling, but far more nuanced and better written.  I think I'll finish it before the baby comes (fingers crossed). 

I've no idea what kind of reading progress I'll be making once baby librarian arrives, but I'm hoping a few months will see me back in the groove and reading like crazy (when I possibly can).  Until then, I will continue to devour as much as possible and I'll hopefully get to read about your classic double readings!

Any Classic Double suggested readings that are perfect for summer?  I might need to try a beach read or something light soon.

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  1. Good luck with your baby! This is still one of my favorite challenges. I'm going to try and read Transparent by Natalie Whipple and The Invisible Mand by HG Wells. Not positive that Transparent is a retelling but I thought they sounded similar.

    1. What a great pairing! I don't know if it's a retelling, but it sounds like they have some awesome-ly similar themes and that works perfectly.

  2. June is the best month to have a baby, btw, so I hope your little one doesn't try to hold out until July.

    I'm not participating, but a book that heavily features Peter Pan is HOW TO LEAD A LIFE OF CRIME by Kirsten Miller. It's pretty recent, so I wasn't sure if it was on your list/radar.

    1. I hope she doesn't hold out until then either! :) I haven't heard of How to Lead a Life of Crime, but it has a fabulous title and I do love a good Peter Pan retelling. Thanks for the heads up!

  3. it sounds like they have some awesome-ly similar themes, I do love a good Peter Pan.
    said ramalan


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