Saturday, November 8, 2008

Book Review: Rumors: a Luxe Novel by Anna Godberson

Rumors: A Luxe Novelcontinues the stories of the rich and corrupt of New York's turn-of-the-19th-century wealthy class (first book reviewed here). Elizabeth goes out west to live with her secret love, a poor coachman while her sister Diana covers for her faked death and tries to prevent her family from slipping into poverty themselves. People rich and poor conspire to get what (or who) they want at the expense of...well, anyone but themselves.

For what it is (fluffy historical romance) it is actually pretty good. I like the setting and even the descriptions of rich dresses. Sometimes, the less-than-moral standards of pretty much every person gets on my nerves, but it is done without going overboard. I was actually quite surprised at the ending and the powerful effects it had on me. And it left me hanging and waiting somewhat anxiously for the next book.

s-factor: !

Maybe a few scattered swear words.

mrg-factor: XX
One scene in particular, not described in detail, fortunately. A few other references.

v-factor: none
There is a death, but not described.

Overall rating: ***

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