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I am not currently accepting review requests with a few possible exceptions for publishers/persons with whom I have a previously established relationship.  I may begin accepting review copies again sometime in the future, but check this review policy before sending me an email.  Thank you!

I love to accept review copies of both ARCs and finished copies from authors and publishers and participate in blog tours.  I do not accept every request to review books as I do not have unlimited reading time (even if I wish I did) and some books would not fit well with my blog content and reading preferences.  I do not currently accept self-published books for review.  If I do accept a review copy, I will post a review either on my blog and goodreads if I finish the book, or only goodreads only if I do not finish it (on the skimmed or did not finish shelf, with a brief explanation).  Most reviews will include the content ratings for language, mature content, and violence, as well as an overall rating based on my own subjective opinion (mini reviews do not always discuss content and do not include an overall rating).  Not every review will be positive, but I do include both things I liked and things I didn't like about the book.

I generally enjoy reading across many genres, with particular preferences for fantasy, lighter science fiction (such as dystopian), and historical fiction.  A large majority of what I read is young adult or middle grade, but I do still enjoy literary and memoir-type adult books occasionally.  I also like some accessible non-fiction books, generally biographical or autobiographical in nature.  I do not read erotica and tend to avoid books that are overly or gratuitously sexual, gory, extremely graphic, or have prolific foul language.  To get a feel for what kinds of books I enjoy, look over my review archives by title or author.  I do not generally do author interviews, but am willing to put author website and other information on my reviews.  I am willing to host giveaways on my site as well.

I try to read review copies in a timely manner, though I have been behind on reviews of late due to work and personal responsibilities.  I will be making a greater effort to read ARCs or galleys around the time they will be published.  Books that have already been published may take a bit longer for me to read (up to 6 months).

My blog is generally visited by school teachers, librarians, other book bloggers, and people who are looking for reviews by a librarian.  I have around 500 RSS subscribers and generally get 200 to 300 pageviews per day.

If you are interested in contacting me about reviewing books on my blog, please email me (my email address can be found by clicking on my profile).  I will try to respond to your email within a few days.  Thank you!
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