Friday, May 7, 2010

Book Review: Heist Society by Ally Carter

Heist Society is what Kat Bishop was trying to escape when she got into Calgon School.  But, when her father is accused of stealing something that he actually didn't (for a change), she must leave that life behind and do everything she can to save him.  Even if it means stealing back from whoever stole in the first place.

Heist Society

Things I Liked:
I had such a good time reading this book!  I felt like I was watching a fun movie like Ocean's Eleven or National Treasure.  The action was excellent, the characters so much fun, and the basic premise - Kat comes from a long line of thieves and can't seem to escape from the life - just made for an all-around enjoyable read.  In the end, I was definitely entertained.  Some fun quotes:

"Most of all, there had been a time when honor meant something at Colgon School, when school property was respected, when the faculty was revered - when the headmaster's mint-condition 1958 Porsche Speedster would never have been placed on top of the fountain in the quad with water shooting out of its headlights on an unusually warm evening in November." p 2
"After hours of watching the New England countryside roll by, and listening to Hale snore, Kat was finished with plotting and strategizing how to get her boarding school life back.  She was out of options, so she called upon every thief's oldest and most trusted method for getting what she wants: Ask nicely." p 17
Things I Didn't Like:
I thought Nick's part in the book was very flimsy.  His role seemed superfluous or maybe just not developed enough. Especially the explanation for his helping out Kat.  Not very believable if you ask me. It also seemed a bit light in terms of anything but the fun plot.  Still, I look forward to more from Carter in this series.

Carter's Gallagher Girls series felt very similar

Also, a little like the 39 Clues books by various authors as well

s-factor: !
maybe one or two

mrg-factor: none

v-factor: ->
some action, not really violence

Overall rating: ****

What's your favorite not-yet-made-into-a-movie-but-totally-should-be book?

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  1. Yeah, I'm not sure I really got the point of Nick, unless it was to just make Kat realize that she like-liked Hale. And I thought the whole 15-year-old traipsing the world was a bit unbelievable.

    You know what, though? I didn't care.

    (Oh, and it's been optioned for a movie. I'd go see that.)

  2. This sounds like a fun one. I might have to pick it up. It sounds perfect to read after a serious and difficult book.

  3. This sounds great! Thanks for turning me onto it!

  4. Melissa, I loved reading it too, despite it's unbelievable elements. I didn't know it had been optioned! I'd definitely see it :)

    Lyn, it will definitely give the mind a break from more serious fare.

    Amused, hope you get to pick it up soon.

  5. How come the 15-year-olds get to traipse about the world? When do the middle aged librarians get to be international spies? We need an updated Mrs. Pollifax! My students are loving this one.

  6. Ms. Yingling, I could certainly use some traipsing! I haven't read Mrs. Pollifax, but I obviously should.


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